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Buy ITTP Powder Online, ITPP POWDER (Myo-Inositol Trispyrophosphate) is not the nutrient Inositol, but rather a compound that integrates into the red blood cells and allows oxygen carried by the cells to dissociate more easily.

What this means is that, though the red blood cells carry the same amount of oxygen with or without this compound, administering this compound allows oxygen to leave the red blood cell more easily as the blood circulates around the body, thus delivering more oxygen to the tissues.

This may have profound implications for preventing cancer metastasis, as cancers thrive in a low oxygen (hypoxic) environment. It may also have applications in dementia and heart failure, but academic testing is only beginning.

This compound is extremely hygroscopic, taking moisture from the air when the packaging is left open. Please keep your package sealed when not in use. We include a desiccant pack in every order.

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  • 99% Myo-Inositol Trispyrophosphate


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Inositol is usually refers to as myo-inositol, a small molecular structure like glucose. Inositol is commonly used as dietary supplements. They are Pseudovitamin compounds which are available in foods but highly available in foods like grains and fruits which have vitamin c with sour taste.

Myo-inositol trispyrophosphate ITT, a noval member permeate allosteric effector of Hb, enhances the regular oxygen release capacity of red blood cells.

ITPP can move the oxygen – haemoglobin equilibrium curve, indicating the band 3 protein. It is taken by mixing the powder in liquid which turns as chemical drink. This is mainly used for patients having heart failures due to lack of oxygen in blood. It can be called as good friend to heart patients and sports persons.

When a person becomes weak and unable to perform exercise regularly or can identify significant decrease in energy levels while performing daily exercise like running, treadmill and weight lifting activities and later on which causes heart failure then they are advised to take ITPP powder.


All the data obtained indicate that ITPP intake is mediated by band 3 protein and thus highly tissue collective towards RBCs, a feature of major importance for its potential therapeutic use.

It is an allosteric modulator of haemoglobin that increases oxygen release capacity of red blood cells. It is capable of crossing the red blood membrane unlike its open polyphosphate analog myo-inositol hexakisphosphate (IHP).

A major determinant of exercise capacity is the amount of oxygen available to the exercising muscles. Heart failure is characterized by a reduction in exercise capacity caused primarily to the inability of the cardiovascular system to increase cardiac output and hence, blood flow, to exercising muscles. Increasing the concentration of Hb also enhances the delivery of oxygen to exercising muscles, and in patients with concurrent heart failure and anemia the administration of erythropoietin to increase the red cell mass may increase maximal exercise capacity.

It is also taken by sports persons to make their energy high in competitions. But it is not allowed in professional sports. After taking ITPP powdered chemical, it lasts in Hb and can be identified later. It gives instant energy.

Some tests made on mice using treadmill is a perfect example to tell this. Giving an injection to mice and its trained in treadmill by keeping a 15 degree inclination, there is a very drastic change in energy performed by mice. This can say about the increase in energy. Technically, it releases oxygen to Hb Red blood cells which increases the energy in person.

Main reason for heart failure is Hypoxia which is decrease in oxygen level in blood i.e., tissues are not oxygenated sufficiently and there by ITPP can cure hypoxia by giving sufficient oxygen to Hb.


1) The increased delivery of oxygen in exercising muscles achieved at a constant Hb concentration by decreasing the oxygen binding affinity of Hb so as to release more oxygen in hypoxic tissues. The organic phosphate 2,3-biphosphoglycerate (2,3-BPG).It is the natural allosteric effector that decreases the oxygen binding affinity of human Hb, and increased levels of 2,3-BPG appear to play a compensatory role in a variety of circumstances including high altitude and chronic pulmonary disease .

2) It can improve the effects of cancer: A side effect of pancreas cancer is hypoxia which leads to chemotherapy resistance and immune system suppression. Regular dosage of ITPP powder can decrease metastases and tumour growth. Thus myo inositol can improve immune system and shows good result in chemotherapy.


Here is some calculations about amount of ITPP powder to be taken and the result.

Example of dosage in experiment with MICE:

Myo-Inositol Trispyrophosphate, in normal mice i.p normal adminitration of ITPP is 0.5-3g/kg caused a dose related increase in the oxygen tension in which Hb is 50% saturated (p50) with maximum release of 31%.In parallel experiments ITPP caused a dose related increase in maximal exercise capacity with a maximal increase of 57+-13%(P=0.002).

In transgenic mice with severe heart failure caused by cardiac specific overexpression with maximal increase of 63+7%(P=0.005)Oral administration of ITPP in drinking water increased Hb p50 and maximal exercise capacity +34(+-) 10%(P<0.002) in normal and failing mice.


It is safe for most adults but very less people can have side effects like

1) It can cause Nausea, tiredness and Headache.

2) Dizziness.

3) If taken during pregnancy, they are not allowed for breast feeding to infants.

4) More amount can also lead to Bi-polar disorder.


  1. This is useful but to be taken only in sufficient level.
  2. No Over dosage is encourage. This should be taken only by the prescription given by cardiologist.
  3. Times when it should be taken should also be considered properly. Keeping in mind how effective result it gives when taken in which time.
  4. Time gap between taking this doses should also be noted carefully.


By seeing all the benefits Myo-Inositol can give and how technically it works and its internal functioning we can conclude that ITPP powder decreases the oxygen binding affinity of Hb, increases tissue oxygen delivery, and increases maximal exercise capacity in normal mice and mice with severe heart failure. ITPP is an attractive candidate for the therapy of patients with reduced exercise capacity caused by heart failure.

It is regularly taken by sports persons to increase their energy levels during their practice. But also keep in mind it is not allowed for professional sports as it brings drastic and immediate change in energy levels. Availability of myo-inositol trispyrophosphate is also not everywhere. Over dosage is dangerous. It should be taken only under prescription of cardiologist

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